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Apologies if this has been asked before - I tried to search but I just pull up loads of articles about the education system in Thailand ­čśŤ


I am 10 months in to a 12 month education visa (so I've had 3 extensions already and am on the last extension). I'm a bit sick of where I am and would like to head to the other side of the country for the last 2 months, essentially abandoning the visa (as I'll no longer be at the schools location or able to continue studies).

I'm trying to find out what the implications are for ditching an ED visa in this way, in terms of being able to get future visas or entry to the country. In a years time I was hoping to return to Thailand after travelling around SE Asia a bit and do another ED visa (that time I would take it more seriously as it would be a language visa and I genuinely want to learn the language - currently I'm on a different ED visa), do you think ending this visa 'incorrectly' would void any opportunity for an ED visa in the future? Any other issues it could cause?

Any input appreciated!

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If you stay after you stop attending school technically you are on a overstay due to the reason for you extension no longer existing.

To avoid problems now or in the future you should get a letter from the school to have your extension formally cancelled at immigration. If you go a few days before the date on the letter they will post date the cancelation to the date on the letter which would give you time to leave the country.

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