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BANGKOK 20 July 2019 03:30

How to move my stuff from Samsung to iPhone

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Okay ...so I have decided to use the iPhone Xs Max ...what I have seen on google look good ............... so .........


What is the best/ easiest way to move things from my old Note4 to new Iphone Xs Max. So far I have started the phone and got an Apple ID and Password, a six figure number to unlock the phone and at present my phone sim is in the iPhone. I haven't registered with iTunes or anything. And later I want to download 'google Maps' to use with CarPlay

I use gmail ...

I tried to use ‘Move to IOS’  app during initial set up but failed, probably my fault so I just carried on.

Now I read that I need to do a factory reset ( I think) …just need  my Apple ID, password and six figure number to do that I believe.

I would like to move …

LINE and chats if possible  

Phone contacts

S Planner

Calendar seems to have duplicated above

Evernote  have several ‘Notes’ but could manually retype into apple app I guess


Photos, in phone and on sim


Daybook if possible

Guess that there is no chance of moving Mobdro


Talking to the ‘phone guys’, with a view to getting one of them to do it, they say cannot move Evernote or S Planner/Calendar but I see different on the internet


I have seen some info on google but wondered which way is best, have also just seen Syncois Data Transfer


I do have a PC  …tks


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