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I wonder why in Thailand traffic does not stop for Zebra crossing


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14 minutes ago, thequietman said:

Then, why paint them on the road in the first place? If a pedestrian must wait until the road is clear, then it is a normal part of the road that doesn't need to be painted black and white. So, again, why the black and white paint?  Look sanook, look pretty , look handsome, makes the road look nice, What? 😞

You miss the point there white or yellow marking on road no black paint where I live and are there for people to cross on because as posted already:- 

 " you only stop if a pedestrian is physically on what's the Thai Pedestrian crossing, crosswalk "


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50 minutes ago, taken said:

I am sure you must be knowing Thai driving rules. Then you must be aware of the fact why we see Zebra crossings everywhere in Thailand.

There lies the misunderstanding in Thailand there not Zebra crossings only falangies refer to them as that.

This is a Zebra crossing :-




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7 hours ago, seasia said:

They do not care, they will happily run you over.


I am currently in a 1st world country where they actually obey zebra crossings .

They stop for pedestrians.

Plus no motorbikes on pavements.

"They do not care, they will happily run you over" as well in another 1st world country. Here's my experience as a pedestrian during a home visit to the US a few years back:


"....I remember several instances I had to do that with (mostly) VNmese (car)drivers when crossing the streets in Little Saigon, California. Their eye contact means something else, an acknowledgement that you, the one on foot, realize the impact of metal upon flesh, therefore that tactic of a second is the time allotted to you to literally jump out of the path of a coming car, no matter if you were stepping inside the zebra markings of a pedestrian crosswalk. Then I started noticing something else, the local papers would post one or two pedestrian fatalities every other day. Usually it involved a senior, probably someone who was too slow or too weak to save themselves."


"End of the day this is not my country."  Ok OP, we hear your existential threat cry.  But you're not in Kansas anymore. This is Thailand, doing 10k daily run "on the pavements" is 100% suicidal. I just hope my spending a few minutes writing this post will possibly save a life (that of probably a newbie expat), that's all.

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The video in post #11 sums it up nicely !!

In Chiang Mai a few months ago we called in to Black Canyon at Thapae Gate. Sitting looking out the window there is a “ zebra “ crossing right there in front of you.
Was very entertaining to watch the tourists puzzled expressions when the light goes to red yet the traffic continues to flow like it doesn’t exist.

Saw a few near misses and one irate Chinese tourist who chased a car down the road for a good 200 metres after being nearly hit !!, his wife and kids stood on the pavement watching him disappear into the distance [emoji23][emoji23]

I guess you had to be there [emoji853]

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14 hours ago, chickenslegs said:

Please be careful. In the unlikely event that someone stops to let you cross, you can almost guarantee that the cars and/or motorcycles behind him will overtake (or undertake) and run you down as you step onto the crossing.


When I first started to drive here I treated zebra crossings as I would back home. I saw a few very close misses when I stopped. Now I drive like the locals (except that I do ease off the "go" pedal and cover the brake pedal when I see folks waiting to cross).

This is just about the best advice I've read regarding driving here in many months.

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Pedestrians in Thailand, do not have the right away in traffic.  To compound the problem, law enforcement are poorly trained and the many who move up through the police ranks, buy their way up with their incompetence level increasing with their new rank.

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At some Thai shopping centres the security staff will wave a flag or a small strobe light to alert drivers to stop and give way to pedestrians... even they nearly get hit by cars driving through regardless.

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13 hours ago, CharlieH said:

Because that would require, road safety and driver training, neither  of which are mandatory or evident here.

..and we know already to well that break failure or no breaks at all is the way Thais like it,right.

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This is a story regarding a Zebra crossing in Thailand. But remember this is from 30 years ago.

A Farang was crossing the road in Bangkok on a zebra crossing when he was knocked down and killed by a BMTA bus. The wheels of justice move slowly in Thailand but it was reported that the BTMA were being sued for around 2 million dollars. We all had a good laugh with the comments of throwing money away.

Will cut a long story short. It turns out that the deceased carried 2 million dollars in accident insurance and the insurance company were doing the suing. The BMTA settled for 1 million dollars as there is a law regarding knocking someone over while they are on clearly marked crossing. I personally would not tempt fate to prove this law.


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16 hours ago, taken said:

My humble request to all the drivers to please slow down and give way for pedestrians to cross road especially on the Zebra crossing.

If you are running 10km every day (wow), you are taking huge risks in doing it along/across traffic. It's only a matter of time, you will be run over. Better move to a location where you have a safe running path nearby.


Facts you should/will know very soon (seriously):

- Many Thai drivers cannot operate their vehicles beyond the on/off switch and aircon, do not know the rules of the road and when they drive they are looking mainly at their phones.

- The signs painted on the asphalt or posted by the road are invisible to most, and ignored by all.

- The perceived priorities on the road follow size/money: a Mercedes has right of way over a Toyota compact, the Toyota over a motorcycle, the motosai over a bycicle. The pedestrian has the same rights of a garbage bag, to be avoided only because it might soil the car.


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Zebra crossings here have no function, they are ornamental. 

Some minister a while back went on a trip abroad and must have seen one and decided Thailand needs to have them to look international.

Or maybe he had financial interest in a road sign painting business.

Or maybe both.

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You just do not understand do you ?

Once a Thai has reached a stage in life that they can afford a car then they automatically become a cut above any pedestrian       Ko Chai Khrup ?

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Although many claim to be buddhist - when asked many do not know about the 5 precepts or the 8 truths and never apply them in their lives

There is also no fine or penalty for dangerous driving like in the developed world - here is still uncivilized in the sense that the consciousness has yet to mature to adulthood and see the value of human life

There is almost a adolescent pre-puberty like mindset of many behind the wheel, who have not ever taken a driving test and would not be legal to drive in any other country - they are not yet conscious of the fact they may cause a murder and also no one will penalise them for it because mai pen rai

This is a huge systemic issue in the country - look how many deaths are caused needlessly - no jail time - no punishment

If i was able to have any voice in the matter I would advocate for completely changing the road system to make it safe as it is the most unsafe roads in the world with approx 30 deaths per day!!!!! SHOCKING

The problem is there is no literally no care - no punishment at all

I would take their licenses and give out 2 year bans to all drunk driver, repeat offender 1000 hours community service and 8 year driving ban custodial sentence if found driving under ban

Anyone speeding near a school 8 year ban

Anyone with previous accidents 200% insurance premium or more

Anyone who pulls out into the road without looking - not insured total driving ban

Anyone who drives a unroadworthy vehicle (no tax, no license, no brakes, no lights) perminant ban and community service cleaning the roads

For all dangerous driving you should have a phone number you can call and submit video evidence and if reviewed by a public panel of local council members and business owners who volunteer to be on the road safety panel they can give out a fine or ban based on how serious the offence was

All police should be equiped with the tools to properly facilitate the bans on sight of an offense and hand out a first warning of 5,000 - 100,000 baht for the offense depending on severity - that can be paid in cash or by community service cleaning the gutters and planting trees to stop this god aweful pollution

I got these ideas from other developed countries who have a tiny fatality rate compared to thailand and need to be checked out

moan over 

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