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BANGKOK 17 July 2019 21:20

Advise about liposuction in Thailand

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Hey guys,

A friend of mine, his wife have some extra fat layers in some specific areas in the body,

Area in the back, abdomen left and right side and arms,  she tried diet and exercise, other parts got slimmed,

but only these specific area stubbornly to lose stored fat layers,


The idea to rid off these layers is to go for liposuction - (vaser), to be done here in Thailand,

Anyone done this operation before? or any family members did such operation recently?

please share your experience about which is the best hospital / clinic?

How much the cost of this treatment?

How many days to full recovery?

Any side effects in short and long term,, any risk for the body?


Additional to the above:

I searched on Amazon and alike site where they sell tons of alternative herbal tea, capsules and similar stuff,

Any one had an experience if any of these herbal / green alternatives with some remarkable result?

will be highly appreciated to hear some of your experiences, with lot of thanks in advance!





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Best to get them on the thread now you started it for them. Questions need to be asked that you probably cant answer

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