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BANGKOK 23 July 2019 22:48

Best veggie markets in CM?

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อินทรีย์  (in see) = organic

ปลอดสารพิษ (plod san pit) = pesticide free


The Wednesday morning market just inside CMU by the Doi Kham shop that used to be called MCC (multiple cropping centre) is also on Saturdays in Mae Hia at the CMU agricultural land.  This is the market that previously was held both days at the MCC land on Niman next to the art museum.

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I was at the Mae Hia market today.  It's quite beautiful out there and worth the visit for me from Niman just to be "out of town".  You can get fresh coffee and eat there too.PHOTO_20190713_082101.jpg.c9f1fe557d50b3b3d3fd6b9ea2a0b086.jpgPHOTO_20190713_082111.jpg.356aa1fd477fdf926b6a901d99ac868e.jpgPHOTO_20190713_082227.jpg.e35b57b628508afb6773d45e55d835d4.jpgPHOTO_20190713_082300.jpg.ca9964e3ca20e3a62c557c025002dec0.jpgphoto_2019-07-13_09-31-23.jpg.6f06757da6a3a7136cef9ceb3fbef93a.jpg

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