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Bredbury Blue

Football books you recommend? Part 2

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Seems someone decided to Archive the original thread, so here's Part 2.

When i went home in early May to watch City retain the Premier, my older brother gave me this book about an ex-ManU super talented youth player. I was in two minds to read it, with the  ManU connections and he only being a youth player, but I'm so glad i did.

The book is about Adrian Doherty (Guardian review below to get you up to speed).

A really good read. About 400 pages and i read it in 3 sittings it's that good.

It's a book of two halves: first half (pre-injury) is upbeat, second half (post-injury) is sad, downbeat but full of interest. Reminded me alot of Paul Lake's book: another injury-ruined talent.


Really wish he'd not been injured and he'd had a chance to entertain us; sounds like such a natural talent.


Recommended book.






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Good review BB. And great Roy Keane story towards the end of that column! 

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Without doubt,  CLOUGH The Autobiography. 

Great story told in the way you would expect from the great man.

No holds barred.

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Cavani, el Matador 

author Romain Molina

Hugo Sport ed.

very good book about this top striker who is too a very interesting character whose fields of interests are beyond big boobs bimbos, gold necklaces and expensive cars (though i presume he doesnt drive a dacia). This guy is studying ecological agronomy and plans to work on the land he owns in Uruguay.

interesting infos about football in Uruguay and south America too, on a political and social point of view.

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Can't remember the name of the book of football quotes, but these are from it:

Well Clive, it’s all about the two ‘M’s – movement and positioning.	Ron Atkinson
Xavier looks just like Zeus. Not that I have any idea what Zeus looked like.	Alan Green
David O’Leary’s poker face betrays the emotions.	Clive Tyldesley
He had an eternity to play that ball, but he took too long over it.	Martin Tyler
Ritchie has now scored 11 goals, exactly double the number he scored last season.	Alan Parry
Hagi could open a can of beans with his left foot.	Ray Clemence
I’d say he’s the best in Europe, if you put me on the fence.	Bobby Robson
Scholes is now on his feet, but very gingerly.	Clive Tyldesley
Don’t just sit on the fence, Terry, what chance do you think Germany have of getting through? I’d say it’s about 50:50, Jimmy.	Jimmy Hill & Terry Venables 
That was an inch-perfect pass to no-one.	Ray Wilkins
This is a real cat and carrot situation.	David Pleat
Not only has he shown Junior Lewis a red card, he has also sent him off.	Kris Kamara
Tempo, now there’s a big word.	Barry Venison
Roy Evans bleeds red blood.	Alan Mullery
If Glenn Hoddle had been any other nationality, he would have had 70 or 80 caps for England.	John Barnes.
The first two-syllable word I learnt when growing up was ‘discretion’.	Eamon Dunphy
He’s got a knock on his shin there, just above the knee.	Frank Stapleton
They forced them into a lot of unforced errors.	Steve Claridge
More football later, but first, let’s see the goals in the Scottish Cup Final.	Des Lynam
They’ve flown in from all over the world, have the Rest of the World Team.	Brian Moore
For Tony Adams to confess his alcoholism like that took a lot of bottle.	Ian Wright
We had a word with him about diving and since then the lad’s come on leaps and bounds.	Billy Dodds
Javier Chevanton don’t speak the language too good.	Kevin Bond
Don’t tell those coming in the final result of that fantastic match, but let’s just have another look at Italy’s winning goal.	David Coleman
I’d love to be a mole on the wall in the Liverpool dressing room at half-time.	Kevin Keegan
I’m not a believer in luck, but I do believe you need it.	Alan Ball
In terms of the Richter scale this defeat was a force 8 gale.	John Lyall
There are rumours of fractions within the Palace dressing room.	Shaun Derry
Julian Dicks is everywhere. It's like they've got eleven Dicks on the field.	Radio Commentator
I would not be bothered if we lost every game as long as we won the league.	Mark Viduka


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"Football is a game of two halves. Most people don't realise that."


"Not a great tackle, and he has rolled over seven times. Must be a record."


Greavsie and Saint.

Edited by owl sees all

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KLOPP......Bring the Noise. 


'Raphael Honigstein talks to family, friends, colleagues and players to tell the definitive story of Klopp's career, transformative footballing genius and how he is bringing the noise to Anfield.'

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