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Thai drinker dead after downing a jug of beer at competition


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11 hours ago, londonthai said:

It''s not possible to die just from one jug, even it it's large, some 1.5 litre one. Unless he was an alcoholic and was on disulfiram, anti alcohol medicine. Or had some serious medical condition - heart attack, stroke, burst aorta.

Autopsy should be carried, not what his drunk mates said to the journalists.

If body is alkohol intoxicated it rejects more of it and have to puke.

A jug of beer will make me drunk, but able to walk

It's possible to die from drinking too much water. There have been cases where peole were chugging gallons of water, they dilluted the electrolite balance in their boddies and caused a heart attck. Also a world class girl cyclest in Boston ,MA, USA died because she only drank water during a 26 mile race and died of a heart aTTck and crashed into a tree from too little salt (electrolite) in her body

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My friend Ed Gyles, back in the day, drank a yard of beer (3.5 12oz beers) in 9 seconds. I have never seen anyone else even nearly as fast as him. He would have put all these punters to shame. As for me, I can't chug beer worth a damn. RIP to the boozer who died.

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22 hours ago, webfact said:

Relatives of the deceased were preparing a funeral at Wat Suan Rom Baramee in Phitsanulok in Thailand's north. They would not speak to reporters. 

I'd stand back a bit when they throw on the match....

RIP fella you probably passed away smiling.

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4 minutes ago, TumblinDice said:

Went to boarding school in Austria with an American dude who could down a liter of beer in under 5 seconds. He won a lot of rounds on bets if he could or not.

Wasn't him was it?


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Drinking competitions: Man died after Cha-Am hotel company function



Picture: Phum Hot News


It has emerged that the Chiang Mai man who died after drinking a whole jug of beer in one go was at a company function at a hotel in the resort town of Cha-Am.


Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1110463-drinking-competitions-man-died-after-cha-am-hotel-company-function/


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Blimey, If one jug of beer killed him it must've been very strong stuff. I'm guessing it was liquor.
Why would you think that he hadn't had a drink prior to the competition ?
More than likely ,he was already well pissed up !

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