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BANGKOK 24 July 2019 07:02

Student evaluation of university instructors

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There was a good piece on student evaluation by a western teacher at MUIC (Mahidol University International College), however let's face it MUIC represents the more motivated and capable students.  Thus perhaps student evaluations of instructors receives a more honest attempt.


Now try the same evaluation situation say of a non-Bangkok university and a university with extremely lower level admission standard and the evaluation by students of teachers, thus at times become a personality contest, which may have little to do with teaching preparation and class performance. 


Freshman English in general education classes is truly a challenge; trying to teach to the middle at times seems the best with poorly motivated, cell phone using, text book less, homework incomplete or not done, and present when only quizzes or the mid term and final take place types of students.


Evaluations give the required feedback for teachers, students, and Administration....  Thus the easy class, or that class that has been assigned as attendance passing class, don't count.


With admission rates for universities on the decline, these evaluations may also serve to "even more dumb down the class instruction level."




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During a recent English speaking contest at my school, students were asked "Who is your favorite teacher and why?"  The winner was Teacher X and the reason given was that "he gives us lots of Free Time". 🙈


Not too surprisingly Teacher X's contract was not renewed because of his disorganized and ineffective lessons and his poor classroom management skills.

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Frankly I believe them to be absurd!


Asking a student if they think you are a good teacher! If I give them homework, mark them as absent if they are late to lectures, award them a score in relation to their poor efforts, don't allow cell phone use in the classroom, don't reward incompetence, punish plagiarism and so on, all good traits of a proper teacher and what the school expects.


However, if I am not sanook, don't wish to be their friend on FB, then I get a low score from them! 🙂 It is beyond ridiculous! 

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