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BANGKOK 18 July 2019 08:10
Jonathan Fairfield

MORE evidence of prostitution found in Pattaya: Three arrested after raid on Walking Street bar

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11 hours ago, BernieOnTour said:

Unfortunately, this legal definition is leaving out the “un-promiscuous”, long term kind of prostitution 😉


What is the average divorce settlement of a middle class US citizen???

national length of marriage in the USA 8.2 years * 365 days * 4000 baht Shorttime rate / 31 exchange rate

===> 386,194 US$ 

( maximum comparison rate, not taking into account the “red days”, “I have headache”, “you have to buy me”, “you hurted me”, etc. days ...)


Good point - unlike brewster budgie smugglers. But you are talking about legal prostitution in middle class USA and it is beyond the scope of this topic. In any case, when someone thinks their chips are almost over with the partners - time to hide a fat billfold somewhere - out of sight.

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