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Moving, no TM 30 from Previous Address

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I am moving to a new address tomorrow and have all of my documents ready for Immigration. I returned  from a short trip to the UK a few weeks ago but never submitted a TM 30 form to my Immigration office  when I arrived back. I am wondering if the Immigration office will want a TM 30 from my previous address. And if so what kind of fine might I have to pay for not providing one. They might not even ask but I would like to be prepared for any eventuality.  

Is the fine usually one flat rate or a fine for every day you fail to submit the form? Thanks.

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Have you ever been asked for a TM30 form before from the immigration office where you will reporting your change of address at. If not you likely would not be fined for not doing one when you entered the country.

They may ask for want a TM30 form to report your new residence when you do the change of address since that is the only time some offices want one. 

The fined is fixed a amount up to the 2000 baht maximum. It varies from 800 to 1600 baht or the maximum amount allowed.

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I asked Ubon Joe a similar question; I obeyed his instructions.  I took a copy of my new rental agreement; went to Jomtien Imm Office; tendered change of address form/passport copies to the section on the left as you enter.  In & out in 5 minutes; no mention of TM 30.  I have never filled one in - 15 years & counting.

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