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BANGKOK 18 July 2019 07:47

Chiang Mai teenager survives big bike collision but loses leg – VIDEO

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Chiang Mai teenager survives big bike collision but loses leg – VIDEO

By  The Thaiger




A 13 year old Chiang Mai teenager is lucky to escape with his life after a high-speed crash in front of the Sri Arun Market in the San Kampaeng district of Chiang Mai.


The person posting video of the incident estimated he was traveling at 150 kph when he hit another motorbike, before sliding into a car at high speed. He recorded the boy flashing past his car’s dash cam just moments before he hit another motorbike. Two other people were injured in the incident.






The teenager was riding a 1000cc Kawasaki big bike. He survived the crash but lost a leg in the incident and was rushed to hospital.


His sister went online to apologise to the other motorists and emergency responders for wasting their time attending to her brother. She said their family had sent him to get big bike training although he was too young to have a motorbike licence. He was active in local off-road racing.


The Thailand BigBike Society has blamed his family for allowing the teenager to ride the bigbike in the first place.


In Thailand you must be over 15 year of age to have a motorbike license but there is no restriction on the power of the bike you may ride.

เปิดคลิป อุทาหรณ์เตือนใจ #เด็ก13ขับบิ๊กไบค์ขาขาดกระเด็น บิ๊กไบค์ zx10r 1000 cc.ชนกับรถ จยย.ฮอนด้าดรีม ก่อนลื่นไถลไปชนกับ รถยนต์อีกคัน เด็กผู้ชายอายุ 13 ปีคนขับบิ๊กไบค์บาดเจ็บสาหัส ความเร็วที่ขับขี่ไม่น่าจะต่ำกว่า 150 km/h

Posted by Bigbike Society Thailand on Sunday, July 7, 2019


Source: https://thethaiger.com/news/chiang-mai/chiang-mai-teenager-survives-big-bike-collision-but-loses-leg-video




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14 minutes ago, VocalNeal said:

Darwinism at work.

You have to die to be part of that very select group

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