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Holiday from hell: How eating Pad Thai from food court in Thailand left Aussie couple with debilitating illness

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They only ate one dish of food the whole time they were here.? 

Almost impossible to get a parasite from a freshly cooked meal. More likely from sushi, undercooked fish or meat. From contaminated water or unwashed fruit, vegetable salad.  They dragged going t

Maybe it was airline food that did them in....

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On 7/10/2019 at 10:30 PM, bert bloggs said:

Yes to me it just looks like a way of making some money , how can they say for sure it was the Pad Thai ?

Perhaps it was the bottled water?  Khlong Toey mineral water?


image.png.66dd26a2b1d4e7fcf8e242173be2c40e.png  image.png.4556f1d6f8dff81066bc3234864ae836.png

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Getting a touch of food poisoning is common in many countries.  In North America we used to call it "Montezuma's Revenge".  The Mexicans and Central Americans had a different name but used to get it regularly on trips to North America.  A few years back I was feeling pretty cocky and eating off Cambodian food carts and smoothy shops.  Sure enough, I picked up a dose of the "Khmer Kiss"  (I know I shouldn't have but in my defense, I'm not very bright).  It's just our guts reaction to a new and unknown bacteria.  Uncomfortable but it doesn't normally last that long.


Amoebic or parasitic diseases are a whole different thing.  They are dangerous and life threatening.  You should soon be at a doctors office requesting a tropical specialist and recounting which countries you've been in and the timeline.


I'm glad these people finally got the assistance they needed and will recover.


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