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Illegal tourists finally found at Bangkok airport


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3 hours ago, jackdd said:


Why did immigration have to check some flights specifically? These people would have had to pass the immigration counters anyway, and would have been deniend entry there. Unless of course the security of the airport is questionable, and it's possible for passengers to arrive and enter Thailand without passing immigration.

They are "making a show" of doing something. It is clear there is some pressure for someone above. It is not stated where this pressure is coming from. "The show" won't be for the public or even the foreign public, it is for someone in a position of power above these immigration officials.


These pointless "shows" that achieve nothing are not uncommon in the alternative universe of the Thai public sector where keeping your boss happy is far more important than quantifiable results.

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6 hours ago, AAArdvark said:

There used to be  (2015) BBC series called Bangkok Airport.  I caught S1 E1 at like 2 AM here last week.  Quite amusing.  

Indeed, thanks for the hint. Other episodes are there too.

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