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BANGKOK 22 July 2019 04:32

Immigration raid nets 48 Pakistanis in SE Bangkok

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20 hours ago, Patanawet said:

How about them rounding up the evil Indian money lenders on every popular soi? -- oh, I know!

I think most are second or even third generation Thai.


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On 7/10/2019 at 2:49 AM, phantomfiddler said:

I thought it was a year,s guarantee, but yes, I knew Jack Britten, owner of the Tuf Shoes company and this was what was happening 😞 If there is any way to abuse or take advantage of a situation, the pakkies will find it !

You could be right mate. A mate of mine was a fireman and he told me stories of going into pakistani properties in breathing apparatus and the'd still be running around trying to get their gear out, also having problems getting into bedroom as they were choke block with mattresses.

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