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BANGKOK 18 July 2019 07:45

Factbox: Trump attacks British ambassador - is U.S.-UK relationship still special?

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I entirely agree.  However, HM's representatives overseas should surely conduct themselves rather better than Trump, or his appointees?


Perhaps in this modern world being truly 'diplomatic' involves not getting caught out by hot-mics, leaked documents, and such. 

[Apologies- did not post the quote]

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Just now, Morch said:


Part of a diplomat's job description is to provide his government with information. You seem to suggest that doing so is undiplomatic. Guess we'll have to disagree.


But yes, it's more to do with getting "caught", or "outed". It's not like US diplomats don't engage in the very same stuff and style (well, perhaps less eloquently).

I'm not suggesting that.  Getting caught is undiplomatic, or if it isn't it should be.  However, I think we agree on the matter. 

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