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BANGKOK 24 July 2019 07:50

Am I still married?

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2 minutes ago, Small Joke said:

Avoid as far as possible Thai legal entanglements, they may well  oblige you to remain in Thailand against your will, for years as the case drags on, impoverishing you utterly, plus it's an immigration nightmare! Monthly reports and passport confiscated. 


This is the exact kind of nightmare I am trying to avoid.  She and her family have never been on the "up and up" with me.  She's heisted thousands from me since the outset of our relationship.  They aren't getting ANY MORE money from me - the whole marriage was a sham from the start.  I know, my fault for getting involved.  I was outsmarted.  But this is precisely why I won't go back to Thailand.


Unfortunately, in order for me to divorce her from my state in America, she needs to have been at least a previous 6-month resident of the state.  She's never been here before.  Never set foot in America.  So I'd be perjuring myself if I tried to divorce her by publication, which is the only way to divorce with one spouse in absentia, or even if both spouses sign.


I don't really feel any strong desire to live in Thailand again.  I just want my name cleared from this horrendous marriage.  Thank you

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10 minutes ago, Tagged said:


So he just have to relax, and wait. Breathe and wait. 

Correct, I don't understand the rush.


I also hadn't thought about her wanting to marry again so she can trap her next victim - all the more reason to sit back and wait.


OP, contact her, tell her your deleting all social media etc. as far as you're concerned the marriage is over and that you've left one line of contact open (open a new email account for her only and block her on your existing accounts) - tell her when she's ready for a divorce to let you know.  However, I wouldn't be in any rush to get divorced right now - let things calm down a bit.

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