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BANGKOK 24 July 2019 01:35

UK's Labour Party spars with BBC over charges of anti-Semitism

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7 minutes ago, Nigel Garvie said:

A poor deflective answer that completely misses the point of what I wrote. So you're a know it all, and I am merely opinionated. Going on the evidence I could just as well say you are living up to the Thaivisa standard and are not well informed but just opinionated. However I don't see fit to tar all the "Standard" TV posters with the same brush, as you do. But then again you're a know it all compared to them ............your majesty.


What "point"? You had no point. And yes, if you post strong opinions without backing  them up, opinionated is the right word. You could say whatever you like, but it wouldn't necessarily be incorrect. The co-opting  faux indignation re "tar all the standard TV posters with the same brush" is dully noted. Not quite what was meant, but eh.

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