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Pad Thai for 180 baht a plate at a Food Court? Doubts emerge in Aussie couple's claim

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Pad Thai for 180 baht a plate at a Food Court? Doubts emerge in Aussie couple's claim



Picture: Thai Rath


Doubts have emerged over an Australian couple's claim that their life was turned upside down after they ate Pad Thai in Phuket. 


Thai Rath reported that all was going well for Stacey Barnes, 32 and her partner Ryan Prigg, 39, from Perth on a family holiday to the south of Thailand. 


They had been eating only in the luxury hotel in Karon but eventually ventured out to try food outside. 


They said that they went to a food court in a shopping center where they said that they paid $6 each for a plate of Pad Thai that would have been 180 baht at the time. 


It was delicious - in fact so good that the couple ordered another helping each of one of Thailand's iconic national dishes. 


Thaivisa notes that the cost of a Pad Thai at a food court would usually be about 55 or 60 baht. Thaivisa has contacted the couple on Messenger to suggest they may have been mistaken about the origin of their problems but so far have received no reply.


Reports on Australian television suggested that the couple picked up a parasite that is present naturally in the gut of many people but caused the couple an adverse reaction. 


Their lifestyle business suffered as two years of doctors' visits left them suffering, they claimed. 


Mr Prigg was filmed on Australian television saying he would never go to Asia again.


The Thai authorities have been busy defending one of their national dishes.


Ms Barnes said this in January on her Facebook page:


"Finally Recovering From A Parasite!

I know kinda a dramatic title! But this has been a massive deal and ordeal for me.

It’s made the last year and a half of my life, one of the hardest times of my life for many reasons...

Being sick every two weeks really is not fun.
Not wanting to get out of bed, 🛏 everyday was a struggle from the get go.
I had no memory 🧠 I couldn’t recall anything, I was in a constant state of fogginess.
The malaise, not wanting to do ANYTHING, was something I have never understood or want to experience EVER again. 
The mental chatter around “is this how it is going to be for the rest of my life? If so, I want no part in this!” These thoughts are not easy to deal with. 
Losing our online business, my passion and a big purpose really was HARD, mentally physically, emotionally and financially!

These are just the surface of what I have gone through. I will unpack them. Further in order to heal, but for now they will suffice.

I say this because I was told from a doctor that the parasite I had didn’t caused these things and that I should just live with it! 😵🔫

Secondly I was then treated by another doctor that used a treatment that didn’t do anything.

And lastly I found a doctor 👨‍⚕️ that specifically works with killing off these bugs 🐛

It’s been 8 weeks and I am literally a NEW woman 🧜‍♀️ or should I say I am nearly my old self again 🧚🏼‍♀️!!

I picked this bug up in Thailand, the crazy thing is, is I didn’t even get sick THERE!

So I encourage everyone, if there is something wrong and you are constantly sick or not right go get a PCR test done. And feel free to hit me up. Not all drs treat them as they need to be!

I had an iron infusion to replenish my body from the depleted state the parasite has left!

Ps. I had dientamoeba fragilis."


Source: Thai Rath




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-07-11

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Posted (edited)
28 minutes ago, webfact said:

And feel free to hit me up.

Ok, babie....Pad Thai


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15 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

Any food court in Thailand pricing pad thai for 180 baht would be out of business in less than a week.

Unless of course it was a farang they stitched up, the locals would congratulate them!

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Removed a troll post.

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