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BANGKOK 18 July 2019 08:06

Advise what to do about dog poop in front of our property

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And nobody wonders why there are no dogs in Muslim areas. Ask them, how to deal with dogs. They surely have a working solution at hand.

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On ‎7‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 11:16 PM, herwin1234 said:

How about adapting to your new country? You are not in your home country now. New country new rules. Poisoning the local dogs? Remember, you might think they are streetdogs, but all dogs actually have an owner. if it was my dog you killed, you would be very sorry.  Getting arrested for killing somebodies dog will look good the next time at immigration. 

Anyway, another quality foreigner in the LOS. I wonder why we are less and less welcome.

Congratulations on commending yourself as a quality foreigner and for your very interesting 'armchair threat' of violence against someone who poisoned your verminous animal.


Now that we have the alternative name for roaming Soi dogs out in the open, may I enlighten you to the fact that many people do not have the same regard for these disgusting creatures as you seem to do.


I for one, despise the vicious, stinking, unpleasant and increasingly threatening vermin that are allowed to roam unchecked in every Soi throughout Thailand, irrespective of whether they are owned by someone or not. People have no problem getting rid of rats, (small and identical mammals similar to dogs), snakes, 'scary' insects such as centipedes, spiders and lizards), what is so different for these creatures?


From my point of view, dogs are at the top of the extermination list. All the other animals/insects or reptiles are way below them, and rarely deserve extermination. 


The OP was explaining that he was at his wit's end at having his property entrance fouled and used as a public toilet every day. Personally, I would have every roaming 'doggie woggie' shot on sight. It doesn't make you a quality foreigner to appose my views - nor does it make the OP a less quality foreigner for his, either.


Perhaps you would be happy if all the residents in your Soi came along and shat outside your house day after day. would you be you OK with that?



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I had trouble in my neighborhood with people either letting their dogs run free or even walking them to the side of my house to take a crap. I set up a CCTV and when I see the owners I go out and accost them and tell them how much we hate their dog crap outside our house. If it is running loose, we check the dog on CCTV and scrape it up and throw it in the owners driveway. It has taken a long time (years) but it is pretty much taken care of. No one walks their dog by our house and the loose dogs don't seem to be loose any more.

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