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BANGKOK 22 July 2019 04:51

Phuket tourism going down the pan just like Pattaya: Few tourists and much worse than last year

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13 minutes ago, BestB said:

And yet they still quote double the standard rate and end up sitting in bar for a month with no money to buy  food. Is it military fault a 50 year old wants to charge $100 for 1 hour and can not speak a word of English ?😂

I don't think they're asking that much.. I doubt even that in Phuket or BKK any 50 year old women will get any customers the way things are right now. Let alone get paid the amount of money you mentioned for an hour. Isn't $100 around 3,500 baht!

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2 hours ago, webfact said:
They turned to Kongsak Phupongsakorn for answers. He is head of the Thai Hoteliers' Association for Southern Thailand. 

Don't just listen to what this guy said. You will find the best and honest answers in this forum. No punches pulled here. If the TAT don't say what really needs to be said to fix the problems then they will continue to lose more tourists every year. The only answer I can see to guarantee a turn around is the same as other countries have done to kick start tourism is build casino's and they will come. 

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1 hour ago, PatOngo said:

It's also about time a taxi driver returned the 5 million baht left in his taxi to it's rightful owner to show the stellar integrity of all things Thai!

I reckon next week. 

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