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BANGKOK 18 July 2019 08:30

Thaivisa exclusive: Aussie admits parasite might have been in the juice not the Pad Thai

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Thaivisa exclusive: Aussie admits parasite might have been in the juice not the Pad Thai




Picture: Facebook Stacey Barnes


The Australian man at the center of claims that he and his wife suffered a disastrous illness after consuming Pad Thai at a Phuket Food Court has admitted to Thaivisa that the parasite might not have been in the iconic Thai dish after all.


Ryan Prigg, 39, from Perth told Thaivisa today that he and his partner Stacey Barnes, 32, could have been infected by the juice they had with the Pad Thai.


He has also suggested that plans to come and live in Thailand were shelved when the couple got sick.


Thai officials have been quick to defend one of Thailand's national dishes. They have pointed out that the high temperatures in its preparation make it highly unlikely that the Australians got sick from Pad Thai.


Mr Prigg told Thaivisa in an exclusive interview:


"We weren't sick when we left Australia.  On the day in question, it just happened that we only ate once, at a food court, where we shared Pad Thai and a juice. By that evening we were sick, and the illness remained in a cyclical fashion for next 18 months.


"Maybe it was pad Thai, maybe it was juice, or maybe it started another day asymptomatically - I'm not an infectious diseases expert - but it all began in Thailand".


Mr Prigg suggested that the media spin stories to fit their own biased agenda. Then continued:


"My wife and I ran an online business for many years where we had an open window into our lives. We shared openly on all aspects of who we are and how we made fitness, family, fun and love a regular part of our day.


"We have hundreds of testimonials for the programs we run.


"When we traveled to Thailand, it was with the intention of moving their (sic) long term, since our business was profitable enough for us to do so.  


"I had been to Thailand before and loved it. The culture and especially Muay Thai.  It was a dream we had been building for years.


"In the 18 months that followed we went from living the life of our dreams, to barely being able to function and racking up debt. "Along the way we continued to share our journey. Now, instead of messages of thanks, we got messages from people who had ongoing health issues who had also been diagnosed with a parasite.  


"Channel 7 (Australian TV) asked us to do the story, not the other way around. "We did it because lots of people are told this issue exists only in their head and we wanted people to know to keep looking for a solution."


Mr Prigg denied accusations that the couple were scammers and said that he couldn't give a F### what people thought of him and his partner. 




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-07-12

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