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BANGKOK 24 July 2019 01:11

Strong Bhat Makes my 800,000 for my extension look a good investment

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2 hours ago, Thailand J said:

If you start with 780000B in US in a 6% account and transfer 65000B to meet immigration requirement,  the interest/yeild over 12 months is more like 3% of 780000B. Thai banks pay 1.5%. It's just not that much of difference to be focus at, about $400, before considering US tax and the cost of monthly 65k transfer.


I made out like a bandit by investing in US index funds in the last few years, but thats a different story. You can't have every dollar invested. My money in Thailand is part of the reserve cash, without which I may have to sell stocks at the wrong time such as in Dec 18 or May 19.

So what percentage should I bring? I'm not concerned with immigration requirement. I have to pay tax no matter where I live. I live in Thailand for six months only, and 3-months in Spain and 3 months in Honolulu. I have a house in Honolulu and an apartment in Benidorm and a year-round rented condo in Pattaya (may buy one when I go to Thailand in in October). 

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On 7/14/2019 at 11:53 AM, marcusarelus said:

The Thai economy is not struggling.  Household debt as a percent of GDP is not at an all time high.  Thai baht is a free floating currency and can't be kept artificially strong. To do that you would have to control the pound and US dollar.  Do you really think Thailand can control the pound and dollar?




Household debt is currently at 68.80.  It's highest was 70.90.  It's fair to say it's at record highs.  It's in the below link.




Your link doesn't indicate the true impact of the tourism sector, which we all know creates huge employment in Thailand, both directly, and indirectly, and both "on the books" and in the cash economy.  Put a declining revenue tourism sector, together with a near record high house hold debt, it's not a bright future for the Thai economy.  


I believe the amount of Thai baht traded is controlled, thus, creating a false demand, thus creating an artificially high price.  

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