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BANGKOK 21 July 2019 20:13

60 days extension (having thai wife)...

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I'm sorry asking the same question most likely asked before but couldn't find the answer 🙄


My wife hasn't the marriage certificate with her. Just wondering has she have to visit her home/home amphoo or is she able to get the certificate from nearest amphoo office?


Also should we apply this 60 days extension from my wife's hometown immigration office or is it ok to visit the one which is nearby?


Cheers and thank you in advance...

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It is not possible to get a new marriage certificate at any Amphoe. If you have a copy of it they will certify a copy of it and attach a Kor Ror 2 marriage registry to it at any Amphoe.

You have to apply for the 60 day extension to visit your wife at the immigration office where are living. You will need to provide proof of residence for where you are living such as a rental agreement.

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