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BANGKOK 16 July 2019 12:57

Home Electrics

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Hi guys, 

Would like some advice on new build electrics.

We are building a 3 bed, 2 bath single store house, (143 square M). 

 3 aircons (2 x 12 Btu, 1 x 16 Btu) 2 x 4Kw water heaters plus sockets and lighting, western kitchen with fridge freezer, oven, extractor.  (hob will be gas).

We will also be building a store room/workshop (15 m x 6 m) housing water tank and pump, (no heavy duty equipment) car parking, small toilet block with washing m/c, and last but not least, a small Thai kitchen.


The PEA pole is located 7 m away on the opposite side of the road.

We have a 50 m run along our drive to the 'edge' of our plot.

The store room block will be 15 m north, the house, the house a further 3 to the East of the workshop block.


1) I would like to run the cables from the PEA post to the edge of our 'plot overhead by siting 2 poles, one at the bottom of the drive (2 m in, allowing for Tessaban to carry out improvements etc), and one at the top, I think 15/45 will be the meter size. What is the best cable for this?

2) From the post 2, I would like to run the cables underground to the store room and have the main board sited there. then run a sub to the main house (underground). What would be a good configuration regarding cables, CU's for this?

Or would it be better to go direct to the house and run the sub to the store?


Thanks in advance




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