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Climate activists disrupt British cities with 'summer uprising'

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Oh no..here we go again!

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well maybe the business disruptions can knock the pound back a few more pence, selfish time to get radical and cause chaos in my opinion.. 

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24 minutes ago, blazes said:


Nonsense is it?  (Not as much nonsense as the eco-terrorists are performing.)

But but but, BB, your solution to the increase in temps is ....what????



Calm down.

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Posted (edited)
43 minutes ago, bristolboy said:

The thing is, solutions are already at hand. Coal is already not cost competitive with renewables. In fact, just the cost of continuing to run an already existing coal plant is greater than building a new solar or wind power plant. Renewables are now competitive with natural gas. And the costs of reneweables keep dropping. The era of fossil fuels is coming to an end. The harder goverments push, the faster it will happen.


if there is any aspect to Climate that we all need to know about, it is that there are positive as well as negative 'forcings' as a result of what we do.... plus... what happens 'naturally' (as if shale gas and CH4 were "Man Made").  Coal burning in particular has positive as well as major negative forcings, and the worst thing would be.... that the science folks have been underestimating the aerosol and PM effect.  positive forcing means more thermal effect and negative means "cooling".  


Feb 8, 2019
Aerosol-driven droplet concentrations dominate coverage and water of oceanic low-level clouds
Daniel Rosenfeld et. al.


N.B. February 2019.

meaning it will take a few years to enter general discussion.  


we underestimated it.  the IPCC forcings chart is wrong.  any significant change in aerosol and PM means

we need to manage it (SRM) or we have months at best this is kicked up a notch.


i.e. we stop or seriously decrease burning coal.  but not 'flying' in airplanes..... that's mostly all positive and we love to ignore than only a few hundred million of us 'fly'........ so far.


for those of us who live in Thailand, the following even more recent publication, May 2019.


Nature Geoscience
May 6, 2019
Higher frequency of Central Pacific El Niño events in recent decades relative to past centuries
Mandy B. Freund et. al.


although not about coal, might say between the lines that the smoke in Chiangmai in recent years and drought of the 1997 ENSO and 2015-2016 Los Ninos are the new normal.  this year we have some rain and it has not been very hot.  next year we could switch from a neutral/baby El Nino to something more like 2015-2016 or....


so.... the 2015 Hansen study on 'Superstorms', and the horrific PNAS 'Trajectories' report about 2 years ago were the heavy lifts for us to read.  for those of us who were at all surprised that at COP21 we did something more than just talk about 'ice melting'  and 'dirty fossil fuels' etc etc.

these two babies published in 2019, so far, are 'must reading' if you are younger than say 80 or 90 years old... and are either very unhealthy or have a bore hole well as well as solar power at your 'bahn'.  otherwise, especially in an urban area..... well, maybe you should not read about this topic anymore.         





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