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BANGKOK 18 August 2019 11:57

Little rain expected so save water, pleads Ministry

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Little rain expected so save water, pleads Ministry

By The Nation




The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is calling on people everywhere to save water as this year’s rainy season is expected to remain drier than normal.


“There won’t be much rain between August and September,” the ministry’s permanent secretary Anan Suwannarat said on Monday, citing information from the Meteorological Department. “Rainfall for the whole wet season this year is likely to be between five and 10 per cent lower than normal.”


Anan called on farmers who have not yet sown seeds to postpone their usual activities.


Records show that medium and large reservoirs across the country are now just 49 per cent full, holding just 13,093 million cubic metres of disposable water.


Nakhon Ratchasima’s Phimai district, for example, is gripped by an ongoing drought despite the fact the country is well into its usual rainy season. Locals say the ongoing drought is the worst in 50 years: the Phimai Dam was less than 10 per cent full as of press time on Monday.


Without the water they need to even grow enough food to feed themselves many farmers have become so desperate they have even started going to the dam to collect snails to eat.


The Royal Irrigation Department’s director general Dr Thongplew Kongjun said his agency was now advising rice farmers to be self-sufficient. “If possible, use rainwater,” he said.


Dr Surasee Kittimonton, Director-General of the Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation Department, said his agency had already carried out more than 3,300 flights for cloud seeding over 149 million rai of farmland since March 1. “This is a very high number,” he saidฃฦ


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30373011



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand  2019-07-15

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Posted (edited)

Ah Crap!


Will have to have only one shower a day from 1 large bottle of water (not even from the shower) compared to my usual 3/4 showers a day. 

My wife will love that 

"You stink!"


Don't forget "If it is yellow let it mellow

If it is brown flush it down"

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30 minutes ago, tominbkk said:

Tell that to the golf courses and four crop a year farmers.

What 4 crops ? 

More details please !

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3 minutes ago, Brunolem said:

In my neck of the woods, it is more like 100% since we have no rain... at all! 


I mean zero rainfall since the beginning of July, and it doesn't look like it's gonna change soon. 


It is gonna be a double disaster for farmers. 


First, they gonna lose a great deal of their rice crop, then they gonna find themselves with no water because the underground water tables are not replenished. 


Right now, almost nobody seems to realize the consequences of this failed rain season, but going into the last quarter, many will feel the pain... 

Dang! We got three days of pretty much continuous heavy rain that flooded about half paddies earlier this month and nothing since.


You're right, at this rate, gonna be a lot of locals in trouble by the end of the year.

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