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Democrats raise millions to fight Trump - and one another

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We just want closed borders to stop the invasion on illegal aliens.

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18 hours ago, wwest5829 said:

Interests of the average US citizen, that being the working middle class? Then I can agree. Raise the minimum wage, institute a national healthcare policy like the developed nations, reduce the costs of pursuing higher education (my thought here is to recognize that the old HS level of public education should be extended an additional two years covering both those pursuing a Bachelor's Degree or a Technical College Degree - level support), protect Social Security and Medicare for the retired working middle class. Yes, I know, these things are supported by progressives ... thing is they all are in the interest of the average American citizens.

In the state of Florida (the state I am from) there is a program where high school student can get a two-year degree free while still in school. I remember attending a class at the local collage and having several high school students in it. Even the rich kids from Destin showing up in their little BMW the parents bought for them. There are two trade schools they can attend while in school to learn HVAC, auto repair, carpentry and numerous other trades to include coding last time I drove by. These are also open to the public at night where you see a lot of vets enrolled.



They just have to apply their self. Then again there are the lot that will not and end up at the low end of their graduation class if they graduate at all. You can’t fix stupid as they say.


As for the minimum wage, I cannot name any business in my area that pays the minimum wage in Florida. Couple of months ago when I was back home, I was having a conversation with one of the restaurant owners. He said he pays his dish washers from $15 to 20 an hour starting out and still can’t keep them. They either move to a better job or get paid and go on an alcohol/drug vacation till the money runs out.


As for collages, there are (have to find the article again) 10 to 12 major schools, such as Harvard and Yale that could let every student go for 4 years free just on the endowment interest alone (Harvard has over 30 Billion). Put a cap on how much a state public school can raise tuition tied to cost of living index. I think in Florida they are controlled by a state governing board. Not the 4-7% like now, private schools or beyond reach. Stop paying $500,000 to a politician to teach one class a week on her policies.


The worst move was when the federal gov. took over the student loans. That said to all collages we can charge what we like because the U S Government will pay. Here is a plan for your collage loans, you took out the loan you pay it. Don’t ask other tax payers to pay your loan.


As for income distribution, if some one has 1 billion or 300 billion it does not affect what I have or can earn. Just because someone gets a larger piece of the pie does not mean you have to have a smaller one. Everyone is free to donate all they have to the US government or any charity they so desire.


A word of advice to high school students, if you are going into debt for collage make sure it’s in a field you can make money with. Not a 4-year degree to become a bartender. Of course, you can always try politics and become a millionaire in a year or two.


 There, had nothing better to do this morning, so figured I would get all the US/Trump haters panties in a wad. So, take your meds girls when that TDS kicks in

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23 hours ago, Jingthing said:

I don't follow your logic.

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Here's my logic.  Barring election fraud, Donald Trump will be President in 2020.  

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