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Thanathorn admits Thais cannot rely on foreigners to fight for democracy

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9 minutes ago, Lungstib said:

The powers that have ruled for 80 years have ensured that no foreigners living here in Thailand can have any effect so I assume he is talking about outside countries. Why would they care, business is business.

As does every other country on the planet.So yes business is business.

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Posted (edited)

but not China so much.  he probably means "Amerikee", the land of easy money.  the USA where we have two fake political parties and a very professional mass media.  ahem.  so much so that top science folks this morning say we have a 50% chance of July 2019 being the hottest July ever recorded by humans, even though it is definitely not an El Nino, but only so everywhere else.  not in the USA  [technically it is above neutral as an ENSO but 2019 is just as much an La Nina as a El Nino to the folks who study this, for sure although there is a larger trend already.  gulp. ]

yet this announcement is from the USA.  Columbia University in New York I believe. or NASA something.


and then also reported in The Guardian, a UK news website..... but not in the New York Times.   yes?

so yeah, I agree with this guy,  and I only just last saw Thanathorn in "real life" while shopping at our afternoon market near Chiangmai.  everyone went nuts with their smartphones, it was like The Beatles arriving or in a movie theatre when I was a kid.


back to my point.  another example.  so off the scale, the USA, that Xi can rightfully say he is democratically elected because he is selected by a "real" political party that can actually discuss and make rational policy.  in the USA we can't even talk about the root cause of an impending mega mega "immigration crisis"... yet John Kerry, a Vietnam vet war protest hero, can lecture the EU all the live long day about migration as 'more serious issue than he thinks that they think it is' (not)..... while using the words 'climate refugees' that he cannot say at all when he is at home.  just another lying politician or is he really that stupid?  no one can tell.  I can't.  so as Joe Pesci might ask, do grits really cook different there?  no, I think it is what Thanathorn is "really" talking about.  gosh darn it, why do I have to keep using the words "real" and "fake" all the time?  

because I'm an American.


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