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Thanathorn admits Thais cannot rely on foreigners to fight for democracy

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Yep, 'buddy', no problem that far (who needs pesky farangs anyway, outside of their money), the 'mega' problem is with your fellow Thais who have about zero, zilch, naught interest in any kind of politics that will not bring them direct financial profit, village, district, province, country, you name it! Because-they-have-no-other-choice-than-focus-on-the-primary-needs-of-the-next-day! And in that lays the dirt, the vice of 'the system': under-education (to be polite...), supported(!) addiction to materialism, huge loans (//to re-payment potential), exploding consumption goods' prices, and you create a nation of lemmings, ...easy to control and manipulate! That simple, and, alas, sooo successful in Thailand!

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