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Applying for a Thai Birth Certificate

Steven M

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I am currently 43 years old and have been a US citizen the entire time. However, my mother is a Thai citizen and has been back to Thailand for over 20 years. Her Thai passport has expired as well as her Thai national ID card. My father is American and his US passport is expired as well. I am in the process of renewing both of their passports at this time. I was born in Japan on a military base and have the following documents: Parents Thai Marriage certificate (also translated in English), Mother’s Thai passport and Thai ID Card (currently renewing), Father’s US passport (currently renewing), my birth certificate from the US state department showing I was born abroad of a US parent to include the Form FS 240 which shows both parents names and country of citizenship. 

I was wondering if at all possible for me once I have renewed my parents documents, I could apply for. Thai passport through the Thai embassy in D.C. 


any my feedback would be greatly appreciated. 




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As said you will need to apply for a Thai birth certificate to prove your Thai nationality.

You would apply for it at the embassy in Washington DC or one of the official consulates in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles.

Info is here on the embassy website. https://thaiembdc.org/thai-birth-certificate-eng/

Since your birth was registered at a US embassy you can have it can be legalized by the department of state. 

In order for you get a Thai passport you would need to be registered in a house book here and then a Thai ID card to do the application. At one time a embassy would issue a passport with only the birth certificate but most will not do it without a Thai ID card for adults.

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My son was was born in Singapore. We had his birth registered at both the Thai & US embassy.


He was granted his US passport in Singapore, but the Thai one was a little different.


When we finally, 10 years later moved to Thailand, we went to MFA. 


They needed his Singaporean Birth Certificated translated of course. Mom had to renew her ID, my passport, then Mom needed to register a blue book, after that I think we got his passport .


On a commentary note, he tells me he burnt his Thai passport just in protest at all the BS that is going on. Then again the kid has been pretty adamant that he would never return to Thailand, so I guess who cares!

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8 hours ago, BritManToo said:

First thing I did after my son was born was get him his Thai and Brit birth certificates.

It's madness to wait, I consider it poor parenting.

Totally agree cannot understand myself, we got our daughter three passports at age 3 months concerned down the track the rules may change.

In a similar vein I know a couple of Thai females in Aus who have residency but never bothered to apply for citizenship when all that was required was a relatively simple computer test and you can practice online until you feel competent.

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OP, I am in a very similar situation to you, 41 with Thai mother who hasn't been to Thailand since she came to the US some 44 years ago. I am also about to start the process, once I am back home and can gather the correct documents. Looking at the Thai Embassy website it looks really straight-forward, as long as all the documents are accounted for.


Have you ran into any issues I need to be aware of that are not mentioned about the process?


Good luck to you and I hope it all works out. 

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On 9/10/2019 at 3:37 PM, FredGallaher said:

I did for both my daughter and son. I had to get US birth certificate verified by the California dept of state easy, fill out the application and attach photos. They kept the US Birth Certificate but mailed it back with the Thai Birth Certificate. We turned in the papers at a roving consular event in California, but you can also do it by mail or at the consulate. Make sure the form is filled out correctly. The staff at the roving consular event was super nice. Get a large priority mail envelop and stamps (~$20)

My children will probably not live in Thailand and my son is past the Thai military age. However when we pass on we want things to go to our children, including house and property, plus a couple of farms. We don't want a family  fight and let our children decide if they want to give things away. I have an American friend whose wife away and everything went to the wife's daughter. Lucky for him she will let him stay in the house and keep the car, but he could be in trouble if she wasn't so nice.

Thank you for that information, that sounds relatively easy then. I wish I would of known earlier on in my life I could do this, but better late than never. Being from Florida I will do everything via mail, just got to get certified copies of those documents from my parents as required. How long did it take to get the Thai birth certificate?

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