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Non-O Marriage Visa refresh with Work Permit

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Hi All,


I hold a work permit for last 7 years (Province 1) valid to November and Non-O marriage visa (Province 2) valid to August..


Having used embassy letters for years, now that they stopped doing these, I thought no problem I would simply switch to showing the work permit and tax payments.


However, I was shocked when they told me "because my work permit is for a different province, I can't use it for my annual extension in this province" - moving is not an option as I just bought a house with a 10 year mortgage.


One mistake has been putting savings into things like LTF/RMF which are not accepted for 400K method, and keeping other savings in my wife's account.


This means I can't show a float above 400K for the last 2 or 3 months.


One of the immigration officers really wants to "HELP", after-all I pay very high tax (which must class me as one of Big Joke's good guys) and suggested I immediately transfer the 400K into my account which I done last week, and get the bank letter and return to the office next week to apply for the extension based on 400K.


Q) Incidentally, the Kbank bank account is held in Province 3, can Province 2 still issue the letter?


It would be a major pain to exit Thailand, get a new visa etc.. as this can perhaps effect my work permit.


Q) If the local office was unable to "HELP" me and I had to pop to Singapore or KL for a new Non-O, what would be the repercussions on the Work Permit, can anyone advise?


Thanks in advance




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The immigration officer is not correct when saying your work permit being issued in another province cannot be used to apply for an extension of stay based upon marriage. I suspect he is thinking about applying for an extension based upon working.

You could apply for a 60 day extension to visit your wife to get additional time to have the 400k baht in a Thai bank in your name only for 2 months. And then apply for the one year extension near the end of 60 days.

You should not have a problem getting a bank letter at a different branch than the one where your account is at.

Getting a single entry non-o visa would not affect your work permit.



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I have encountered this same problem as I keep homes in two provinces, but my main home province is where I like to do my Visa extension. Immigration have a real problem with you extending your visa in any province other than the one in which your work permit is issued, even if for marriage extension. And, when I asked about using the PND 91 as proof of (many, many times more than) the required monthly income, again the answer is no, you have to do that in the province where you are working. Extremely frustrating, cumbersome and seemingly arbitrary.

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