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Want to Marry Your Sweetheart and Bring Her to the USA?

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Want to Marry Your Sweetheart and Bring Her to the USA?


Speak to a TLP professional today!!! Find us at: www.thailegalprotection.com/


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For over 17 years, TSL & Associate (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has helped thousands of couples get married. Many grooms are US citizens who want to bring their brides to the USA to live. Helping you get your marriage registered in Thailand and then submitting your application for a CR1 Spouse Visa is what we do. Let us help your wife get her “Green Card”!




Our bi-lingual staff guide you and your Thai wife through the CR1 Spouse Visa application process so your submission to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is expertly prepared, thorough and accurate. Each application is different depending on circumstances. We listen and make sure we assemble all the required documents on your behalf.




Working through the CR1 Spouse Visa process can be especially stressful for Thai spouses. The paperwork in English can be daunting for them. And once the National Visa Center determines your file is complete with all the required documents, facing the applicant interview at the US Embassy is scary to say the least. We prepare your wife’s for her Visa interview so she feels more confident and prepared. 




Getting that “Green Card” is the first step toward US Citizenship. It also allows your spouse to get a Social Security Card. After you “reside continuously” in the US for three year – absences of more than six months but less than one year may disrupt this ‘continuous residence’ requirement – your wife can apply for US citizenship. Citizenship is important if you want your wife, as your survivor, to receive your social security survivor benefits without disruption. Thailand does not have an agreement with USA regarding Social Security. If your wife decides to reside in Thailand later and has not become a US



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That, in a nutshell, is why Thai Legal Protection (TLP) was created – to provide a trusted resource at an affordable rate for people who have Visa questions or legal issues. TLP’s network professionals in every province throughout the kingdom of Thailand. These experienced lawyers are capable of assisting you on any legal issue or question you have.


For a mere 499 baht per month, ex-pats have unlimited access to legal advice and, should it be necessary, significant discounts in legal fees if it is necessary to retain counsel.be


• Unlimited FREE Legal Consultations

• Unlimited FREE Visa Consultations

• Face-to-Face Consultations

 24/7 Call Center Support

• Nationwide Emergency Legal Assistance

• Thai & English Speaking Lawyers

• All Areas of the Law Covered


For more details, visit the TLP website at https://www.thailegalprotection.com/  


or Call Local : 02-026-1914 ; Outside Thailand : +662-026-1914.

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