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BANGKOK 18 August 2019 13:41

Makro launches digital store format for IoT generation

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Makro launches digital store format for IoT generation





Siam Makro Public Co Ltd is launching its first-ever digital store in Lat Krabang in a move to seamlessly connect staff, suppliers and customers through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).


The Makro Digital Store is a prototype of its food-service model, delivering added value via four dimensions, namely increased efficiency, better service, saving energy and having a lower environmental impact. The new system will also cut down on recurring retail issues such as lack of stock, long queues and quality control. 


Makro’s in-store advertisements will also be digitalised in line with internet of things (IoT) generation, while maintaining its position as “your trusted partner” for modern customers. 


Siriporn Dechsingha, chief corporate communications officer for Siam Makro, said: “Entering the 30th year of Siam Makro, we are determined to redefine our wholesale business in correspondence to today’s business environment through the integration of new technologies such as IoT and AI in order to deliver added value to our customers. In respect to that conviction, Makro Digital Store Lat Krabang will be the first retail store in Thailand that is able to connect its operation system and store management with staff, suppliers, and customers through digital solution.


“With digitalisation, customers will experience a whole new level of retail that is not only convenient, swift and definitive, but also personalised and informative as the technology is also linked with the Makro mobile application, which will notify members of the promotions and privileges they are entitled to receive.” 


The new store, covering 6,700 square metres, has fully digitalised its operations, from cashiers to shelves, stock inventory, e-commerce system and overall energy consumption. All the data and details can be immediately monitored via the operation dashboard.


Every member of staff will be trained to ensure they have thorough knowledge and understanding of the technology within the store, before they help customers familiarise themselves with the technology. 


“Makro believes that the sustainability of the wholesale business relies on integrating technology with human resource development driven by digital transformation. The digital store is a pilot model and a concrete proof of the effective use of various technologies. Looking ahead, the company plans to launch similar digital stores and will pick and choose certain technologies to integrate with applicable branches.”


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/business/30373206



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand  2019-07-18

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Will they still have those damn awful irritating incessant jingles playing over, and over, and over, and oooover, aaaannnnd oooooover...........

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Posted (edited)

The new technology is less about customer service, more about reducing staff and costs generally. Will the savings be passed on to shoppers in lower prices?




When 5G and the Internet of Things arrives, your digitally-chipped fridge will constantly monitor the contents and automatically order replacements from an online superstore operating delivery via drone.


Personally, I much preferred the ubiquitous corner shops of my youth, where you would invariably bump into friends and neighbours retailing all the local gossip. Most had penny-in-slot "fruit machines" which, with luck, would cough up a school cap full of pennies to be rushed home to a grateful, hard-up mum.


But you can't stop "progress".



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