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UK tourist visa for my boyfriend

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Hello, my boyfriend is thai and I have been living with him in Thailand for over half a year now and we have been together for well over a year. He is just about to graduate from university, he’s currently been practicing work for 2 months and is now on his last two weeks before graduating. I would like to apply for a UK visit visa for him to come with me to the UK for 3 weeks which I am paying for however I was concerned about one thing. It states you have to have strong ties to your country, as he is just graduating he doesn’t have any permanent job right now and is supported financially by his mum (which we have proof for) He has to be in Thailand next year for the compulsory national service which he has a letter confirming, is this enough to prove that he has strong ties and will return to Thailand for immigration officers?

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Without being pedantic, you can’t apply for a visa for him, he has to do so and it’s he that has to satisfy the decision maker that he’s a genuine visitor, the trip is affordable and that, on the balance of probabilities he will return home at the conclusion of his visit,
You say that you have been living with him in Thailand, if you can provide evidence of that, it might help, as well as your ties to Thailand.
You will need to satisfy the decision maker that the trip is affordable, and provide evidence, I assume you’re traveling with him, if so provide details, including accommodation.
I suspect the National Service requirement wouldn’t be regarded as reasons to return, the Entry Clearance Officer might suspect that he might wish to remain in the UK to avoid National Service.

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