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Retiring in Malaysia. Better than Thailand?

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Hello everyone,


What are your thoughts on retirement in Malaysia? I have lived in both Malaysia and Thailand and currently living in KL city. I have met a number of young and older expats who mostly prefer Malaysian life over living in Thailand.


There is a good scheme called Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) which although has been pushed as a 'retirement' scheme, it is actually open to anyone above 21.  Recently I met a young chap from Swiss who runs his company remotely and he is coming in to Malaysia on this programme. 


I also met a couple from France who signed up and were looking at high end properties just overlooking the KL Twin Towers. Apparently the value they can get on real estate compared to living in France is really good here in Malaysia.


It offers a 10 year (renewable after that period) multiple entry visa. along with various tax free incentives.


There are only 2 main requirements which is a monthly pension or income of at least USD $2400 and liquid assets of at least USD $84000. I did research and it is more expensive that perhaps Philippines retirement programme yes, but Malaysia offers so much more in terms of quality living, safety, medical quality (M'sia was ranked number 1 in world healthcare quality recently) and infrastructure. 


Curious to know what expats in Thailand think about the programme! Here is a link to more details.



And also attaching a very detailed brochure on the programme too. 

MM2H Brochure US v2.pdf

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I'd read of the lesbians being whipped.

Sharia law will keep me out of any country that enforces it.


Although its only in a few Malaysian states as the article mentions.


I was surprised when I was in Kuala Lumpur last summer that there was a spot which had many obvious male hustlers. And this was on a main shopping street.

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