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Teen in coma after hazing ritual has died

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Teen in coma after hazing ritual has died



Caption: Farewell Nong Korn


Nong Korn - the M3 student who was kicked in the chest by older boys during a hazing ritual - reportedly died on Thursday morning.


Korn had been in a coma since earlier this month when fellow pupils from M6 at Prathom Withayalai School in Nakorn Pathom carried out hazing.


Hazing is the practice of performing rituals to welcome new students or recruits into a group. It has often been criticized in Thailand as there have been many cases when it has gone too far.


This was one such case. The school has said that the hazing took place off campus. 


The police have several teens in custody. 


A post on the "Ner Nong Kradone" page on Facebook said that Korn died on Thursday morning after heart failure. CPR over half an hour failed to revive him.


Funeral rites are being held at Wat Samrong in Nakorn Chaisri until the cremation next Wednesday.


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-07-20
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3 hours ago, Denim said:

If the perpetrators who did this are not sent to prison for manslaughter it will just further demonstrate just how broken the Thai judicial system is.


Way past the time for making an example of those that take this ridiculous ritual too far.

The perpetrators are probably 16-17 years old. They won;t be going to jail here, or in many other countries. Look to Australia for a broken justice system. 

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, darksidedog said:

RIP Young man. I can only hope that this senseless loss of life will bring new attention to this stupid ritual and see it stamped out before others suffer the same fate.

But, after living here 12 years and seeing this happen over and over and over again - it will unfortunately continue.  A ludicrously small amount of blood money will be paid to the family, wais all around.  No sanctions will be imposed for those who killed this young man or to any others who over the last month have probably engaged in hazing rituals on a daily basis since this kid was put into a coma.  
The institutions overseeing these kids need to get involved - from the schools to the police to the justices system.  But don't hold your breath.  :dry:  As wore out as this phrase is it still applies - This Is Thailand.  As such, human life is fungible. 




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SAD & Unnecessary.  Another Wai will fix it.  Such a dam waste. No one cares.  RIP!  

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4 minutes ago, connda said:

In other news: Police in the Northeast province of Buri Ram rounded up 481 street racers this week and also threatened to hold the parents of the youth accountable for negligence resulting in wrongdoing – an offence that is punishable by three months in jail and/or a Bt30,000 fine.

Killing a fellow student is not a big deal.  <shoulder shrug> Mai bpen rai.
Street racing on the other hand will get your parents jail time and a huge fine! 

Go figure that one out?

What bought you to the conclusion that its "no big deal "?

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