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Is it possible to do the 90 days report without tm30 in Bangkok?

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OP, as painful as CW is, I would just make the trip there for the 90 report.

I would also be prepared to have to do a tm30. They are unrelated so you should be able to do your report and be on your way. Worst case is they make you do the tm30 and fine you 800 baht. Then in future you can use mail or online. Sounds like you may not have time by mail for your upcoming report.

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I have an agent for the 90 days report, I just want to know if the agent can file it without TM30. That's it.


What I don't know how to do is the TM30, I registered online but never received my password, and I'm not sure at all how to do it by postal mail, I couldn't find the exact procedure online with the address and what needed to be included.


I never asked how to do a 90 days report, I asked if I could file it without TM30.

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