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Pro Butcher Beef steaks and beef mince Makro

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Sad to see today our Makro Khon Kaen not keeping the Aussie vacuum packed steaks anymore. They were usually really

good and often I was lucky enough to pick up a bunch discounted. I guess it wasn't selling to well as they always seemed to

be clearing it out. I see they have a new brand of packaged beef now called pro butcher. it's Thai beef, which I have never had

much luck with although they say dry aged Angus. Rumps, strip loins, fillets etc. Actually got some nice mince today which looked

really good at 300 baht a kilo (half kilo vacuum pack). I have had the Beef mince from Tops which is also Thai beef and it's delicious

for burgers. 


Anyone tried the steaks yet? I have a few times managed to get Thai beef that was semi tender / edible but always seemed to

lack any real beef flavour.

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am with you, they were really tasty and very expensive that's why they stopped selling them and replaced with poor or VERY poor quality, hard and full of nerve pro butcher, bought them 2x, the 1st time they were hard and no taste, decided to try another time and same or worse, wouldn't advise buying any pro butcher meats all poor taste and quality but that's my taste some may disagree

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On 7/21/2019 at 5:22 PM, Kenny202 said:

Anyone tried the steaks yet?

Yes, I tried the pro Butcher Ribeye and Sirlion (sic). Beat the <deleted> out of them and they were still tough. The frozen steaks they keep in the packs in the meat freezers are cut way too thin and lose any flavor. There was a time when some Makro stores had whole chunks of ribeye and sirloin steak and they would cut off a large piece if you asked. 

I am sure the best way to get decent meat for the barbecue is possibly to order from some of the farang oriented stores often advertised here on TVF.

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I always used to pick up a few imported steaks from Makro. At the current prices, I'm learning to enjoy pork instead. I'm not going to chuck money down the drain on the Thai beef, it is tasteless, full of water and tough as old boots! Can anyone explain why the prices of imported products have not dropped despite the outrageous recent strength of the Baht? If anything, Makro's imported beef is even more expensive in Baht than it was 6 months ago, how can that be?

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