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Advise for medical check (Work Permit)

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On 7/23/2019 at 8:56 AM, Isaanbiker said:

If a syphilis test must be done, it takes about an hour to get the result. 

If they ask you how much you paid, always say 600 + baht, otherwise they know that such a test wasn't done. 

I got my results and the form back in two minutes - perhaps a haematological record! They usually issue a receipt for the blood test.


Mine was for an overseas visa application, but as mentioned here a blood test shouldn't be required for a work permit form. 

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19 minutes ago, dejenny80 said:

The medical certificate takes literally 5 minutes - cost me 180 baht at medconsult clinic, sooo cheap and eassy and painfree (no blood tests thank goodness haha)

Same for me, the doctor actually didn t talk to me, and no test, pay and get the paper, then you are on your way, 10 minutes max.

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