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Owning a Boat in 2019

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Hey ladies and gents,


Does anyone know the following info, that's up to date?


Can a foreigner get a captains licence? 

Can a foreigner register a boat?

What are the penalties for not having either?

What is the smallest craft that wouldn't require the above?

What is the general 'done thing' - do people just buy boats and use them anyway?





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1. The first section of the law says only Thais can get the license, but in Nong Khai they told me that i could get it, so they don't care about it

2. I don't know, but i think yes

3. No idea

4. I know that for example a jetski requires a license, so i assume at least every motorized craft does, maybe if it doesn't have a motor you don't need a license

5. No idea


Additional info:

There is a license for rivers and lakes, and another for the sea, so you should make sure you get the right license.

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I have my proper motor boat here.32ft,320 cv


1 Yes you can get a leasure boat thai licence (non commercial)

2 Yes you can register the boat at your name yearly safety inspection to renew registration for one year

3 They seize your boat first, then go to court and good luck

4 sometjing with no motor

5 all the boating foreighners I know are following the rules


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Actually we spoke to a couple of the marine shops, and they were all saying under 5m and 40HP doesn't require a license or registration. Jetskis are usually 150HP. 


I would still like to check with the marine dept, but the boat sellers were pretty adamant that smaller low HP craft are exempt. 

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