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Thai tourism in trouble: And competitor Vietnam is "scary" for Pattaya

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Exchange rate is bad, costs are going up, visas are getting a lot harder to get, and more competitive alternatives are arising.   it isn't really surprising stuff. Thailand ain't that cheap

Taxi company I use for my biz was always somewhat arrogant but did the job so stuck with them.   the other week was going away myself, owner was crying how quite it is.    Anyhow a

That´s great news! Maybe the bigger part of all foreign criminalty in Thailand can move to Vietnam too. Then this nice country can go back to what it once was.

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4 hours ago, soalbundy said:

Poor you mean

You do know that you just said that the foreign criminality in this country is the main reason that people are less poor than they would be without?

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1 minute ago, Grandisse said:

I love Thailand, I speak, read and write Thai, so I have a general positive attitude towards Thailand and the Thais.


That being said, it seems to me the Thai government and actually a lot of Thais get crazier every day. The exchange rate is horrible, prices are going up for everything, the tourism sector transformed into a quick buck artists scheme rather than being a service industry, visa & immigration lawmakers and executives have taken leave of their senses. And then they really wonder why tourism is going down, especially in light of available alternatives?  Well, what can I say ... the Thai way of thinking, never cease to amuse me ... 

Your currency is horrible not the exchange rate.  Where can you go and not get beaten down?  Turkey or Egypt I guess. 

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2 minutes ago, marcusarelus said:

With 20 million Chinese coming here I think they have an idea - cheap vacation. 

Thailand has for sure a better infrastructure for mass tourism - at least until now. It has been longer on the market. 

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2 minutes ago, hotchilli said:

The T.A.T propaganda game of Pattaya as a "family friendly resort" finally came home to roost.

Everyone else saw it and reported it for what it was. Rip-off city with only bars & prostitutes... nothing for a family. Finally the high baht has tipped the balance. Tourist have got tired of the same old seedy resort where vendors just wanted you money and made no bones about showing it, from the sharks on the beach, to the restaurants upping prices, double pricing, taxi wars you name it killed it !

Vietnam has always been a good destination with much to offer, with a government that is pro-active in increasing tourism... not just putting a spin on it !

Have you ever lived in Vietnam and gotten a retirement visa and got married? 

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Yes there is competition, but let's take a look at it first.

Bali, Bali the beautiful. But kuta beach has been unfavorably compared to UK's clacton-on-sea. And Ubud is so crowded and the lovely rice terraces built over that people cannot pass on the pavement without stepping into the street. So I wouldn't go there.


What about Vietnam Is there a more all year round polluted city than Hanoi? Yes, Saigon. And is Agent Orange a Buddhist attraction or is it in fact a deadly poison that remains in the soil together with the cluster bombs from the last war? So that's off my itinerary.


Malaysia is fine, but Liberties restricted if you know what I mean and the cost of living there is a lot higher than in Thailand. So I wouldn't go that either.


That leaves Myanmar which to my mind represents the biggest long-term threat, but for the moment is not developed for tourism.


No, rather than trying to blame the competition for the drop in numbers, the new Tourist Authority Chief could do well to focus on the weaknesses of Thailand itself. And start with taking a look at the infrastructure which has unfortunately being eroded since it was put in place in the 1980s.

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