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Thai tourism in trouble: And competitor Vietnam is "scary" for Pattaya

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2 hours ago, BestB said:

Taxi company I use for my biz was always somewhat arrogant but did the job so stuck with them.


the other week was going away myself, owner was crying how quite it is. 


Anyhow actual owner shows up , no hello of any kind, no assistance to put bag in the car . Not a single word on the way , no assistance taking bag out of the car .


did not want to keep quit, told him who I was, and he was not interested at all, not even a sorry.


Point is, there are less customers and locals provide even less service yet cry about not having customers .


not only that but happy to mistreat existing customers.and charge more .


was I a massive customer? No, but was giving them about 10-15 trips per week, now it’s done.


if that’s how he treats the owner, do not even want to think how he treated my customers 

He described Vietnam as "naa glua" - meaning scary. 


Meaning Vietnamese treat aliens as equal. What will taxi owner do when there is no customers?

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3 hours ago, Peterbilt said:

Creating those figures is the job of the TAT's spindoctors.....

Good at spinning, but 'doctors' I dispute.

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