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Thai tourism in trouble: And competitor Vietnam is "scary" for Pattaya

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Exchange rate is bad, costs are going up, visas are getting a lot harder to get, and more competitive alternatives are arising.   it isn't really surprising stuff. Thailand ain't that cheap

Taxi company I use for my biz was always somewhat arrogant but did the job so stuck with them.   the other week was going away myself, owner was crying how quite it is.    Anyhow a

That´s great news! Maybe the bigger part of all foreign criminalty in Thailand can move to Vietnam too. Then this nice country can go back to what it once was.

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1 hour ago, Guderian said:

My gosh, why ever would Vietnam be a competitor to Thailand? The exchange rate is reasonable, beer costs  half what it does in Thailand, the beaches are clean, and the Vietnamese cuisine is arguably better than Thai food, but these are all minor points. Vietnam was colonised by the sweating farangs, so it isn't pure like Thailand. And they did away with their own alphabet, adopting an accented version of the Latin alphabet. How can they double-price things when foreigners can easily read the prices, unlike using Thai numbers? Really, these upstart Vietnamese have got a lot to learn.

I guess that's why Thailand has 40 tourists to Vietnam's 1.

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I don't know why a tourist should come to Pattaya. To see Gogo bars, entertainment ladies, sex tourists and ladyboys? Vietnam has many interesting places. The only thing I don't like is the traffic noise in the big cities. 

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1 hour ago, spidermike007 said:

The "scary" reality for Thailand, is that the neighbors are making a real effort, improving, progressing, and creating a better environment for tourism. While here in Thailand, the environment is one of stagnation, regression, a total lack of vision, xenophobia, fear of foreigners, confused and muddled visa policy, and a baht that is far stronger than it needs to be, should be, or deserves to be. 


No effort is being made to address tourist safety, or public safety in general. No effort is being made to address traffic safety and the horrendous amount of bus, mini-van, car, truck, and motorbike accidents on the road. No effort is being made to improve the highway patrol, or even get those incompetent clowns to patrol the highways, and pull people over for reckless driving. No effort is being made to address the understaffed immigration counters at DM, or Swampy. No effort is being made to tackle corruption on the part of the RTP franchisees. Quite the opposite. They are being deliberately protected. No effort is being made to address the myriad of environmental issues Thailand faces, whether it be the water quality, the air quality, the burning by farmers, the plastic epidemic, the extreme lack of trash cans throughout the nation, and a vast host of other issues. And finally, no effort is being made to reform the tourism ministry, separate it from the sports ministry (hair brained to the extreme), or improve the TAT. Nothing. 


The army is doing nothing, to benefit the people, or tourists. Absolutely nothing. Perhaps even less than zero. Perhaps the name should be changed from the Thai Army to the Nothing men. Of course tourism is dropping. Why would it not be dropping? 

So, all down hill then!

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