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Thai tourism in trouble: And competitor Vietnam is "scary" for Pattaya

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46 minutes ago, AllanA said:

Was in Pattaya in the early part of 2019 and it was quite ! Never seen it so quite for what they called ‘peak season ‘ there was definitely no peak yet hotels still charged peak season prices . . thus tourists that are there feel ripped off and thus talk negatively of time spent there. The more negative talking, the less tourist will come. Yes Vietnam is booming, went there and it was packed out, lots of hype and positive vibes and people seem to really be enjoying it. 

Well lets look. Shall we?



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Exchange rate is bad, costs are going up, visas are getting a lot harder to get, and more competitive alternatives are arising.   it isn't really surprising stuff. Thailand ain't that cheap

Taxi company I use for my biz was always somewhat arrogant but did the job so stuck with them.   the other week was going away myself, owner was crying how quite it is.    Anyhow a

That´s great news! Maybe the bigger part of all foreign criminalty in Thailand can move to Vietnam too. Then this nice country can go back to what it once was.

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When I first visited Thailand 9 years ago I was able to get a Visa allowing me to stay for 15 months with a border run every 90 days. Now I can only get 30 days unless I want to supply bank statements, return plane ticket etc. If for any reason my Visa is denied then my plane ticket is wasted. I've gone from staying 9 months of the year, contributing upwards of £20,000 a year, down to not even going. What does that tell you? I'm just one person.
But you were not a tourist.

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9 minutes ago, intherealworld said:

Maybe they will give away free sticky rice and mango

to the tourists at the airport

That will pull them in for sure.

Welcome to the new, unfriendly, expensive,  xenophobic, Thailand.

a world player indeed. :jap:

My house payment is the same.  My wife is the same.  My money has been in a Thai bank for a long time.  You are talking about you not me. 

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4 hours ago, Metapod said:

Exchange rate is bad, costs are going up, visas are getting a lot harder to get, and more competitive alternatives are arising.


it isn't really surprising stuff. Thailand ain't that cheap anymore. Aussie dollar is like 21.7 thb these days. A lot of things are cheated back in Aus now,

Yes but the Aussie money has no value. You can't get a good rate if your money is less valuable  then the Thai Baat. Get on to your Government. Not spending money on your own country doesn't help.The British Pound is 38B/£ but that's not Thai doing, that's the Brexit situations. What's Australian poor value too.

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4 hours ago, GeorgeCross said:

wait a minute..


if visitors from china, europe, oceania and the middle east are down but tourism is still up where are the new tourists coming from?


russia, india? they dont have the numbers to offset europe never mind china, so are they counting surrounding countries too?


this cannot be good either way (well for thailand, good for me :D)



Aliens, I think so.

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1 minute ago, Homburg said:

Successive administrations have put an enormous effort into demonising westerners over many years, presumably to combat the undesirable sex tourist trade etc., but that has now impacted how Thais react to western tourists generally.  Thailand does not make western tourists feel welcome in the way it did in the past, or in the way that its competitors do now.


The Land of Smiles has turned into the Land of Snarls. 


Also the recent drive to "clean up" Thailand (removing street vendors etc.) is destroying Thailand's "exotic" appeal.  If Bangkok is "just another city" (but with dreadful traffic and smog), and Pattaya becomes just a city with a beach (but with a terrible beach and effluent in the water) then why on earth would you go there?


The strong Baht has only a limited impact - as a tourist one does not object to the cost provided one is having a good holiday, but these days one can feel far more welcome and have a far more enjoyable holiday elsewhere.


Western tourists still have money, and they are still visiting the region, but ever fewer are visiting Thailand.


But Thailand has got what it clearly wished for, so surely the Thais must all be happier now?

They kicked me and 50,000 Americans out in 76.  I didn't feel welcome then.  British tourists are vacationing in Cyprus, Turkey or Dubai because of the fall of value of the pound.  


When the fellow who won all of his elections stopped topless dancing in Bangkok I got my feelings hurt and knew it was the beginning of the end. 


I've been ripped off since the 60's in Thailand and I see no real difference.  There are good people and bad people and always has been.

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