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Thai tourism in trouble: And competitor Vietnam is "scary" for Pattaya

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Exchange rate is bad, costs are going up, visas are getting a lot harder to get, and more competitive alternatives are arising.   it isn't really surprising stuff. Thailand ain't that cheap

Taxi company I use for my biz was always somewhat arrogant but did the job so stuck with them.   the other week was going away myself, owner was crying how quite it is.    Anyhow a

That´s great news! Maybe the bigger part of all foreign criminalty in Thailand can move to Vietnam too. Then this nice country can go back to what it once was.

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12 minutes ago, Sticky Wicket said:

Well done !! Two graphs with absolutely no headings or titles. GENIUS work!!

Tourist arrivals Thailand to Vietnam Millions to thousands.  Go to the website on the bottom of the graph to see Vietnam is not even in the ballpark. 

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12 minutes ago, Dogmatix said:

Thai tourism in trouble.  This is clearly the right time for Immigration to revive some archaic regulations from the 80s and deny entry to anyone wearing sandals, silk pants or other forms dress arbitrarily deemed impolite by Immigration officers.  

love beads?

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4 hours ago, GeorgeCross said:

wait a minute..


if visitors from china, europe, oceania and the middle east are down but tourism is still up where are the new tourists coming from?


russia, india? they dont have the numbers to offset europe never mind china, so are they counting surrounding countries too?


this cannot be good either way (well for thailand, good for me :D)



Probably a bit of truth for both sets of Thai speakers,only problem is the American,European spenders are staying away,some ex long stayers are moving to easier countries Visa wise and better for spending wise and happy to put up with a bit lower conditions. where as the lower spending Chinese and Indianans have risen slightly.

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