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BANGKOK 18 August 2019 20:15

Night life in camboda?

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Curious to know more about the Cambodian night life to see if it actually fits.. 

To be more specific,

Do they have big popular areas for night life?

Is there a big expat community?

Are locals friendly?

Is it safe at night?

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1. No, not big compared to Thailand but of course there is some.

2. If you mean Westetn expats, much fewer than in Thailand but of course the size of the country is also much smaller. Lots of Chinese and other Asian expats.

3. Yes

4. No but sensible precautions help. Ridk of both traffic accident (including as a pedestrian) and crime greater than in Thailand.

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i loved the bar scene in PP, around 108 street near the river. lots of bars, LOTS of very pretty girls, far hotter than thai girls i would say. beer is really cheap. some but not all the girls speak english, maybe a bit less than thailand average. there doesn't seem to be a problem with farangs working so saw some good farang live bands


i had a blast, will go back but like to try a beach resort next time

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