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Tourism in northern Thailand decimated: Worst in ten years say hoteliers

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What percentage of tourists pay even a reduced 6000 Baht a night on their holiday, yet alone the full 10,000 Baht price? 

If you're going to do a comparison, at least do one using a hotel standard where more than 1% of tourists stay.

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21 minutes ago, Netease said:

I arrived CM Friday night very healthy Sunday morning coughing badly and very painful when I cough, the nights are impossible with the cough and phlegm, this is the second time its happened to me I'm so sick I can't even advise the builder what to do or drive the wife to get building supplies, I'm out near San Kamphaeng all night I can smell smoke while trying to sleep i got medication yesterday,


Its the rainy season ... the smog/smoke is here in the hot season  :thumbsup:.... and while we need more rain. The atmosphere has been outstanding,  since the heat broke last week. If you look out the window right now its raining. Like it was yesterday. You are in San Khampeng?

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2 hours ago, marcusarelus said:

I think Thailand really has tried to discourage Chinese tourists by the anti poop and drowning campaigns I wonder what else they could do?  Maybe have them fill out more immigration forms. 

Yeah, in triplicate rather than duplicate as I have to do. That would make me feel better.

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