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Tourism in northern Thailand decimated: Worst in ten years say hoteliers


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19 hours ago, Odisan said:

Enjoy your trip. See you when you get back.

Hahah "Birma" will make you come back. If you regard Thailand too expensive - just save some more money - you can't expect a developing country's economy to remain static. Prices ALWAYS increase everwhere.

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On 7/24/2019 at 9:12 AM, Just1Voice said:

I live in Chiang Mai. You uses to see caravans of tour busses on the streets daily. Now you rarely see 3 - 4 in a month. 

If only that were true in Pattaya. The sois are clogged up with them.

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19 hours ago, ChipButty said:

At the moment it seems busy I went for a couple of beers last week in a hotel I know the lady who owns it I asked how's business and she said they are full 50 rooms even she said she didn't know where they come from but next month at the moment nothing, last minute mad rush

She didn't know where they come from ?? I'm sure all the TM30 in that hotel are done correctly..😆😆😆

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In many posts we can read that the strong baht would be the problem. However, this is only partially correct in my opinion. Let's close this point and pay attention to other reasons.
First it must be said that the Thai basically have not so much to say. This is simply because the Chinese rule the Thai people, but this is not stated.
Another point is the lies that are being submitted daily to the seemingly stupid foreigners.
It is an absolute shame that even high-ranking officials do not even have the rudimentary knowledge in the english language, so they can not read the messages that are written here by many foreigners because this may would open some eyes, but the ignorance....

Further they not only lie to themselves, but also make themselves as the best and that worldwide. They think they are the best, but in truth they can not do as much and the ability to use the brain and logic fails in many areas and cases. Even all what they use is imported from other high educated people but they play a game like everything they make by its own. Very strange...

Add to that and what is very bad is how they treat all foreigners. They treat the foreigners, who like to bring their money as criminals and discriminate foreigners. This you can not find in any other country. And they think ..... really nothing! Like in so many case everyday in any job too. The brain have no function at all, also no much knowledge and they never think like tomorrow or have enough responsibility. Even your own laws they do not know or follow them and make foreigners responsible for everything.

I know many who left, saying that they are treated like dirt and only sucked financially. Which foreigner with a bit of iq like that? Nobody! This country, with the Leader practice a process of not only hating foreigners but showing this to all foreigners clearly, as further result harms its own people on a large scale too, because many needs the money from customers they understandably do not want to come anymore.

They cheat and lie to each other for generations and actually think others in this world would not see this. A completely mentally impoverished behavior that is associated with an infiltrated corruption. But the fake laugh and the face has fallen already. Nobody is willing to pay for such a behavior with a visit and the money like before.  Well.. they do not want to see that they are dying, on the contrary they continue to lie others without change. Ignorance and stupidity are a catastrophic mixture.

Amen RIP



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with farang prices and thai price everwhere.the thai baht another reason too.people are going elsewhere now.they make a visa easy for farangs.neighbour countries are cashing in now,cambodia has being taken over by Chinese in the south,the government sold they soul.unless Thailand realise  what is happening in these issues they will lose everything and then wonder why  farangs are going

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Interesting, how many guys here are jumping on the bandwagon...


This article is just a bad example of „copy and paste“ journalism, based on a press release of a a tiny hoteliers organization of  mere 60-something hotels.


There was zero screening by the journalists:

- They didn’t check, how it was really 10 years ago.

( Come on - it’s raining season... 10 years ago, you could easily get 50% discount on the normal price in raining season).

- They didn’t check, in how far the „official“ prices are inflated. (How many days -except X-mas and New Year- do they really get these inflated prices... just crosscheck with Agoda).

- They didn’t check, how the individual distribution in this hotel group was. (eg. Duangtawan - that was a 20 year old dump already 10 years ago - who would book that at their current prices, if there are better alternatives around. And Asians prefer not stay in the woods as some western couples, they want to go shopping. Also night market area, with its Red Light district around the corner is also not necessarily, what Asian families are looking for...)

- Most important, they didn’t crosscheck, how other hotels out of this group are doing.


They just can’t expect that the enourmous growth rates, mostly driven by Asian tourists, are continuing endlessly.

They do not tell us the growth rate of hotel and condo (AirBnB!) capacity in the last decade (Just compare Nimman 12 years ago to nowadays. And they are still building - alone in Nimman ~5 projects).


... on the other hand, I am more than astonished, how many tourists-western and Asians- you are still seeing downtown at this time of the year.  A lot of Chinese among them - just had 2 cases of attempted mass suicide again, 2 groups of obviously Chinese jumping in front of the car, not looking left or right, but fully concentrated on their cameras and cell phones 😴 

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On 7/25/2019 at 4:33 AM, skorp13 said:

Wow tourism down! Wouldn't have anything to do with an overly strong baht, insane immigration rules, ridiculous immigration queues with half the kiosks closed at peak times, or catering to primarily Indian and Chinese clientele that don't spend any money would it? Bravo TAT!

What insane immigration rules effect tourists?  Not long term backpackers but real tourists?  Do you have any information (other than racist bar talk) about how much tourists from India and China spend?

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On 7/24/2019 at 3:17 AM, ThreeEyedRaven said:

I have friends who normally come to Thailand once or twice a year, quite a few of whom are not coming this year. The strength of the baht is the number one reason, while comments about the Chinese in their hotels, and especially about the way they behave where there is a buffet breakfast also ranks up there. Thailand put its eggs in the Chinese basket, despite as was proved in Sihanoukville, that when the Chinese arrive in numbers, everyone else leaves and don't come back. There is no easy solution to getting tourists back, and I suspect things are going to get a whole lot worse, before they (if ever), start to improve.

Those who rely on the tourism market for their livelihoods, must also take a big chunk of the blame, for very poor behaviour across the board.


yes it is the strength of the baht and the weak pound & euroo for me and 90% of peoplle i know


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On 7/27/2019 at 12:35 PM, hmficc said:

How’s the Ritalin working for you?


On 7/23/2019 at 11:05 PM, Netease said:

I arrived CM Friday night very healthy Sunday morning coughing badly and very painful when I cough, the nights are impossible with the cough and phlegm, this is the second time its happened to me I'm so sick I can't even advise the builder what to do or drive the wife to get building supplies, I'm out near San Kamphaeng all night I can smell smoke while trying to sleep i got medication yesterday,

But I dont think Tourists getting sick and nearly dying from the smoke will stop them comming


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On 7/24/2019 at 9:03 AM, Bangkok Barry said:


The Chinese people that Thailand attracts are, but I've seen Chinese in more up-market countries who are perfectly well behaved. Thailand attracts the trash.

From each country.

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On 7/24/2019 at 4:34 AM, jvs said:

The hotel i used to stay in in chiang mai a few years ago had a lot of chinese staying there.

Doors were being slammed al night long and loud talking all hours of the day. 

Last time i was there i asked if they had any chinese guests,they said yes and i walked out.

Different culture is fine but why do they not adapt a little to thai culture?

Looks like i am not alone in this.

RE - Doors were being slammed al night long and loud talking all hours of the day.


* Wonder why the indians came to my mind … 🤔

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On 7/26/2019 at 11:57 PM, marcusarelus said:

What insane immigration rules effect tourists?  Not long term backpackers but real tourists?  Do you have any information (other than racist bar talk) about how much tourists from India and China spend?

Yes. My wife works in an Indian clientele hotel and i have a huge Chinese hotel right behind my house. They are all over my neighborhood so i see them first hand. Easy on the racist talk pal, be nice.

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