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"Wives of foreigners" fall victim to massive Ponzi scheme on Koh Samui

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1 hour ago, BTB1958 said:

How can people be so stupid.  Reading about these scheme's every day and they still fall for it.  They say a sucker is born every day.  But in Thailand its about a thousand born every day.  Unbelievable 


These sort of loan/savings/share schemes seem common among Thais. I remember a group in the UK did one. I went balmy when I found out my wife had joined. Had to police it very hard, and visibly so, to stop any tricks and scams. The longer you can pay in and not take out the more you made. So the final two got interesting.

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2 hours ago, webfact said:

Manager reported that the Thai wives of foreigners living on Koh Samui were among 200 people who had lost 120 million baht in a Ponzi or pyramid share scheme.

The foreigners weren't all Egyptians were they?

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1 hour ago, wwest5829 said:

Hmmm, I am told that there is Forex trading via Dubai returning 10% a month. Seems to be working but my financial radar is beeping warnings. Anyone have any information?


Which broker or institution will the funds be held?  Many forex brokers are actually bucket shops in clever disguise.


And how much were you planning to deposit?

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