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Sleeping Mat at Suan Mokkh

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Just checking...I think it's allowed to bring a camping style sleeping mat to Suan Mokkh retreat?

And: Cell phones not allowed during retreat, right?

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Hi Oliver


You may or may not get away with sneaking in your camping style sleeping mat into the Suan Mokkh retreat, but I suspect this will be frowned on.


Ajahn Po advises that the purpose sleeping on a concrete bed with a wooden pillow is to focus on "awareness" of body and of mind.


A key purpose of the retreat is the practice of Awareness.

Awareness of breath, of body, of mind and of the surrounding world.


If you're attending this time of year, as it's the low season you'll find there will be unoccupied rooms.

When setting up your room you'll visit the dorm storeroom from which you'll take a straw mat, a blanket and an insect net for your bedding.

If you're quick you could sneak an additional blanket (don't tell anyone that I suggested this 🤐 ) which you can use as additional padding between you and the straw mat covered concrete.


Enjoy your retreat.


PS: The pain of lying on a hard surface offers you practice in overcoming attachment to thoughts/mind.

     Simply observe the thoughts and observe the pain without acting on them.

     Eventually the thoughts will float away and disappear.



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